A little about us

We are Communicado.

We're an independent and full service agency. We shift what consumers think, feel and do with communication solutions for some of Australia’s most loved brands.

We do what’s right for your brand.

Our approach goes beyond the message and the medium. We focus on understanding people to craft ideas and strategies underpinned by what motivates them on the path to purchase. That means we build persuasive brand experiences that move consumers to care and convert shoppers to buy.

We start where others stop.

We’ll literally get right under the bonnet of your business. We’ve spent time in Bosch Auto’s mechanics workshop, created Aeroplane Jelly recipes and learned to install Rinnai hot water systems to strengthen our understanding of their business. Not only do we go beyond by ensuring our team graduates from the Dulux paint academy, but every time we receive a brief.

We go beyond what’s expected.

That’s our promise.

Our clients agree


Sasha Tonkes

Account Executive

Budding Baker

Jack Dinsmoor

Senior Designer


Robyn Cornell


The Pedlar

Chloe Jeffers

Group Account Director

Lyrical Mixmaster

Simon Fleming

Associate Creative Director

Amateur Dog Walker

Cristina Rudnicki

Account Director

Pop Culture Specialist

Joy Howard

Finance Director


Angie Darras

Senior Account Executive

Self-care Guru

Yahna Fookes

Senior Copywriter

Holiday Dreamer

Michelle Perrott

Office Manager

Happiness Coordinator

Milly Neal

Senior Account Executive

Ramen Enthusiast

Fiona Mullen

Head of PR & Integration Lead

Gourmet Traveller

Eliza Albie

Head of Art

Global Citizen

Lydia Burrows

Digital Creative & Social Media Manager

Costa's Protégé

Alex Brudenell

Account Director


Laura Brown

Shopper Strategy Director

Story Seeker

Claudia Frederick

Account Director

Bath House Convert

Elif Yilmaz

Account Manager

Latte Aficionado

Kathy Lane

PR Specialist

Kitchen Dancer

Daniel Hedger

Integrated Strategist

Recovering Crooner

Tracey Morter

Finance Manager

The Nourisher

Anna Barham Kumar

Head of Content & Social

Musical Promethean

Naomi Kensall

Senior Account Executive

Adventure Seeker

Narayanan Subramani

Account Manager

Dog Whisperer

Christine Hepburn

Senior Account Executive

Resident Cat Lady

Dominique Athaide

Senior Account Director

Real Housewife of The Hills

Chris Buchanan

Associate Creative Director

Insatiable Gig-goer

Lucy Houldsworth


Multitasker Extraordinaire

Lucy Topham

Account Coordinator

Sports Fanatic

Shiona Raj

Senior Account Executive

Burncity Krumper

Dearbhla Nic Amhalghaidh

Account Director

Recipe Sharer

Victoria Beranger

Group Account Director

Serial Overfeeder

Emily Scales

Account Director

Warmth Seeker

Terence Thean

Head of Digital

Part Time Caddy

Annie Price

Executive Creative Director

Thrifting Queen

Emily Edwards

Account Coordinator

Disco Diva

Eliza Mielczarek

Integrated Strategy Director

Resident Black Belt

Ed Parkinson

Account Director

Sporty Spice

Katie Forster

Senior Account Director

Queen of Online Shopping

Nicki Cole

Integrated Client Director


Amy Greer

Digital Producer

Aquatic Animal

Kerrie Ryan

Managing Director

Ship Captain

If we seem like your cup of tea, chat to Kerrie or Lucy and they’ll shout you one.

Kerrie Ryan

Managing Director

M +61 419 804 424

Lucy Houldsworth


M +61 421 079 543